Saturday 17 March 2012

Final Year Collection

With only six weeks to go until the hand-in of my final year collection, I thought I would update you all with a little progress report on how things are going.
It has definitely been a challenge, trying to create a collection using British made fabrics. Especially when the yarn still has to be imported. 

Competing with large companies for fabric orders and having to follow up sample orders with a £1000 order is something I can't do. Which lead me to source alternative options of dying other fabrics and finishing myself. Highlighting again, how hard it is to manufacture and produce small quantities in this country, even more so when you're a small unknown company. Slowly I'm getting there, even though I can't quite see light yet but it's there.....somewhere :)

I'll start to pop up pictures once they look more garment like. 


Plastic Recycling said...

Hope it all gets better, i just checked our your previous work and its really impressive.

Sustainable Tailoring™ said...

Thank you very much, it's been a struggle but i've coped, just. I'm now working on getting a shoot done so people can see the garments.