Sunday 16 September 2012

The degree is completed!

.........Yes! I now have a 2:1 in "Fashion Design with Manufacturing" and I couldn't be happier. I am now hoping to do a photo shoot of my finished collection for you all to see and comment on of course, as feed back would be brilliant.

I am so happy I managed to create a collection using low water consumption with sustainability being the core focus. Using vintage cavalry twill that was once produced in Huddersfield in mills that are now the University. As well as hemp that was dyed locally and recycled denim jeans yarn.

The Autumn/Winter collection consisted of  heavy coats lined with organic cotton, traditional cotton ticking trousers and a sustainable jumper of a uniquely knitted fisherman's pattern from a few hundred years ago. The jumper was knitted courtesy of a lovely lady in Leeds who is currently knitting a large to see how it will translate in sizes. Which I am then hoping to produce more of.

I am also hoping to produce a few more one off coats and shirts based on the collection I made and start designing a few more pieces based on a few new ideas and inspiration.

Now to save for Ethical Fashion Week in Berlin next year :)
As well as locating hemp textiles shows in Europe.   

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