Thursday 17 November 2011

ASBCI Conference

Yesterday, I attending the ASBCI 2011 Student Conference and listened to some very interesting discussions from Michael Skinner, chairman of Dege & Skinner "Saville Row in the 21st Century". Mike Flanagan from Clothesource “Is there no alternative to sourcing from China?" and Mark Sumner, Sustainable Raw Materials Specialist for Marks & Spencer plc.
Mark Sumner gave a really informative talk on a “A Sustainable Textile Supply Chain?" which highlighted further issues regarding fresh water supplies and "water being the oil of the 21st century". As well as reinforcing land use issues. Something that has got me thinking even more really, especially with regards to Palm Oil. 
Overall it was a really good event and very glad I attended :). I need to do a more in depth write up though on the overall day as I took in so much.

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