Friday 9 September 2011

Paris Ethical Fashion Show

Late Monday night or should I say early Tuesday morning, I returned from what can only be described as an "amazing" time in Paris. This was because of the Paris Ethical Fashion Show I attended from the 1st to the 4th September.

There was a variety of fashion designers involved including men's, women's, children's clothiers, accessories and shoes. As well as many conferences throughout the 3 day period held to focus on environmental labelling, "Ecodesign" in fashion, and other relevant topics.

The companies exhibiting had to allow for a judgment of ethical production practices such as the work conditions of their suppliers, respect of the environment and the promotion and protection of local skills. Working conditions must conform to ILO Conventions. The fashion must have the least possible impact on the environment through all cycles of the products: production, use and disposal.

I attended the majority of the conferences and found them extremely informative and helpful, with lots of exciting things to take in. There was a talk on "Luxury &/VS Solidarity" which is something I believe in very much, "Don't give me a fish, teach me to angle". And how luxury combined with talented skills and ethics can create great quality garments that can be appreciated by those who purchase them. 
Other conferences included "Environmental Labelling" where many things like, standards, consequences of purchasing habits and the environmental cost of consumption was discussed. "Innovation & Ecodesign" where industrial ethics and lifecycles of products were covered, as well as environmental/social responsibilities.

As for the garments, it was great being surrounded by products created in many innovative ways using a wide range of sustainable materials either recycled or new. So, overall a great experience that I will definitely want to go to again.