Tuesday 10 May 2011

Ethical Fashion Dilemma column

Well, over the weekend I received the May/June issue of Ethical Consumer magazine, which contained a bit about Sustainable Tailoring in the Ethical Fashion Dilemma column. I was contacted and asked about what I do and offer as a service in response to questions brought up by readers of the magazine. Readers had contacted the magazine regarding information on ethical men’s suits that were in the North as well as London, with Ethical Consumer then contacting Savile Row and other similar ventures for their ethical options and values. The column contains a question and answer layout where questions were answered by the companies contacted.

I love buying this magazine so I felt very privileged when I was asked, as it always has useful information on what’s going on with regards to ethics and values and how we can incorporate them into the way we consume in our everyday life. This is something very passionate to me. It is also the first time Sustainable Tailoring has been mentioned publically, which makes me feel very.........giddy (being one word to describe how I felt when I saw it) and excited overall.

This month’s issue focuses on the illegal-logging trade and sustainably sourced wood within different furniture companies.

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