Thursday 14 April 2011

Morning trip to Bradford

Well on Tuesday 12th April I was kindly invited to attend a presentation of the British Wool section of the "Bradford Textile Society" design competition, organised by the British Wool Marketing Board at Wool House in Bradford.

Attending were various Press/Colleges and award winners/UK manufacturers and I have to say what a great experience it was too. The presentation started with a very inspirational talk, covering British Wool and its great qualities and how its usage has changed so much over the past few decades. Following onto how we need to engage younger people to use and embrace British Wool to the best of its ability. Lot's of valid points being made that got me thinking that everything I've always thought of British Wool has been the positive road to take and that made me feel a lot happier.
The work produced by the students/UK manufactures was amazing to see and I especially enjoyed talking to them to see how they'd produced the final samples. Later was a discussion about British Wool and I learnt some great things that I will definitely benefit from in the future.
Causing my passion for British Wool and natural, sustainable UK Textiles to grow and grow.

So overall a brilliant day that left me feeling extremely motivated all thanks to the great British Wool Marketing Board